Music is a thread that binds people together. We enjoy providing a musical soundtrack to any event - a soundtrack that brings both familiarity and discovery to audiences of all ages and interests. Whether playing and singing at a restaurant, community event, or club, or providing background music for gatherings, the soundtrack will become your own.

Our music ranges from light jazz/pop/folk instrumentals to creative vocal versions of cover songs. Chuck also likes to explore the realms of "gypsy" folk and jazz instrumentals. The digital accordion allows us to bring an ensemble sound into a solo setting, without using prerecorded material. You will be amazed at the variety and authenticity of the sounds.

Recent venues where we have performed include:
- Arnolds Bar and Grill
- Europa Bistro (Covington Main Strasse)
- Lane Libraries in Hamilton and Fairfield for their Sunday Sounds Concerts
- Music Cafe at the Fitton Center in Hamilton
- Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
- Patterson's Cafe in Oxford

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